The Story of Hazrat Zakariya (Zechariah): Faith, Prayer, and Divine Blessings

The Story of Hazrat Zakariya (Zechariah): Faith, Prayer, and Divine Blessings



Introduction The Pious Priest


As believers, we all aspire to have unshakeable faith and an unwavering connection with our Creator. The story of Hazrat Zakariya (Zechariah) offers us a glimpse into the life of a pious priest whose unrelenting devotion and steadfastness in prayer earned him divine blessings beyond measure. From his prayer for a child to his miraculous role as the custodian of Hazrat Maryam (Mary), every aspect of Hazrat Zakariya’s life serves as an inspiration for us to strengthen our own faith and deepen our connection with Allah. So, let’s dive into this remarkable story that teaches us about the power of faith, prayer, and divine blessings!


The Prayer for a Child and The Divine Announcement


Hazrat Zakariya’s faith in Allah was unwavering, despite being an old man with a barren wife. He longed for a child to carry on his legacy and serve His Lord. One day, while serving at the temple, Hazrat Zakariya went to pray in seclusion as he usually did.

 In that blessed moment of solitude, an angel appeared before him with glad tidings from Allah. The angel announced that his prayer had been answered by the Almighty and granted him a son named Yahya (John) who would be righteous and pure-hearted.

 Hazrat Zakariya couldn’t believe what he heard since both he and his wife were past their childbearing years. But through divine intervention, Allah made it possible for them to have a child – something that defied human logic but not His infinite power.

 The news filled Hazrat Zakariya with immense joy; however, it also brought upon him the responsibility of raising such a pious son who was chosen by Allah Himself for greatness.

 This miracle teaches us about the power of prayer and how our pleas are never unheard by our Creator. It is also an assurance that no matter how impossible things may seem according to human standards, nothing is beyond reach if one has complete trust in Almighty Allah’s will and plan.


The Birth of Hazrat Yahya


After years of longing and praying, Allah granted Hazrat Zakariya’s wish for a child. His wife gave birth to a son whom they named Yahya.

 Hazrat Yahya was born with great wisdom and knowledge that surpassed his young age. Being the cousin of Prophet Isa (Jesus), he grew up in the wilderness, detached from worldly possessions, and focused on worshiping God.

 As he reached adulthood, Hazrat Yahya became known as “the Baptist” for his practice of baptizing people who sought repentance. He called upon them to turn away from their sins and seek forgiveness from Allah.

 Hazrat Yahya’s message gained many followers, including some influential figures.

 Despite this opposition, Hazrat Yahya continued to preach until he was eventually imprisoned by King Herod. Tragically, he was later beheaded at the request of Herod’s daughter.

 The birth of Hazrat Yahya brought immense joy to his parents but his life ultimately ended in sacrifice for his faith. His story serves as an inspiration for all believers to uphold their values even when faced with adversity.


The Miracle of Speech


One of the most miraculous events in the life of Hazrat Zakariya was when he regained his speech. Prior to this event, Hazrat Zakariya had been struck with muteness due to his disbelief in the divine message.

 When Hazrat Yahya was born and brought before him, he wrote on a tablet asking for the child’s name. However, as soon as he saw the infant, his tongue became loosened and he began praising Allah.

 This miracle not only amazed those present at that time but also proved that Allah is capable of granting miracles beyond human comprehension. It showed how faith and prayer can lead to divine blessings like regaining one’s speech after being mute for years.

 The story of Hazrat Zakariya serves as an inspiration for all believers who face difficulties in their lives.


The Custodian of Hazrat Maryam


Hazrat Zakariya, the pious priest, was not only known for his unwavering faith and supplication to Allah but also for being the custodian of Hazrat Maryam (Mary), mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus).

 It is said that Hazrat Maryam lived in a chamber within the confines of Masjid al-Aqsa. As she grew up under the care of Hazrat Zakariya, he noticed that she always had food with her, even though no one entered her room except him. When he questioned her about it, she revealed that it was from Allah’s provision.

 Hazrat Zakariya would witness numerous miracles performed by Hazrat Maryam as well as receive revelations from Allah regarding her status. He saw how angels would provide her with fruits out of season and how a stream would flow beneath her feet when she drank water.

 As the custodian of Hazrat Maryam, he ensured that no harm came to her while also learning valuable lessons from observing this holy woman’s steadfast faith in Allah.


Lessons of Faith and Prayer 


Hazrat Zakariya’s unwavering faith in Allah (SWT) is a lesson that we can all learn from. Despite his old age, he never gave up hope for a child and continued to pray with complete trust in the Almighty’s will. His steadfastness teaches us to always have faith, even when things seem impossible.

 Another important lesson from Hazrat Zakariya’s story is the power of prayer. He prayed fervently for a child, which was granted by Allah (SWT). This shows us that our prayers are heard and answered if we ask with sincerity and trust in Allah’s mercy.

 In addition to this, Hazrat Zakariya also taught us humility through his supplication. He acknowledged his own weaknesses and limitations while asking for guidance from Allah (SWT).

Moreover, Hazrat Zakariya exemplified patience as he waited for years before being blessed with a child. He persevered through difficult times without ever losing hope or questioning God’s plan for him – an attribute essential to strengthen our relationship with Him.

 Hazrat Zakariya’s story provides valuable insights into the importance of faith and prayer in our lives as Muslims. We should strive towards adopting these qualities into our daily routine so that we may become better believers who seek closeness with Allah (SWT).


The Supplication of Hazrat Zakariya


Hazrat Zakariya was a man of great faith and devotion. So, when he reached old age without having any children, he turned to his Lord in supplication.

 One day while performing his duties in the temple, Hazrat Zakariya saw his wife receiving food from an unknown source. When he asked her about it she replied that it was from Allah. This is when Hazrat Zakariya realized that Allah has given him a sign and decided to pray for a child.

 He retreated into seclusion and began praying fervently to Allah for a righteous child who would carry on his legacy of prophethood. His supplications were so sincere and pure that they touched the heart of the Almighty himself.

 And finally, after years of waiting and praying with unwavering faith, Hazrat Zakariya’s prayers were answered as Allah granted him a son named Yahya (John). The birth of Yahya was truly miraculous as both parents had passed their prime age.

 The story teaches us the importance of patience and persistence in our dua (supplications) even if they appear impossible at first glance because nothing is beyond Allah’s reach if we have strong faith in Him.




The story of Hazrat Zakariya (Zechariah) is a powerful reminder of the importance of faith and prayer. Despite facing challenges and difficulties in his life, Hazrat Zakariya never lost hope in Allah’s mercy and constantly turned to Him in supplication.

His unwavering faith was rewarded with divine blessings, including the birth of his son Hazrat Yahya and the miracle of speech. By doing so, we too can experience the blessings and grace that come from having an unshakable connection with Allah SWT. May Allah guide us all on the path toward greater faith and devotion to His cause. Ameen!

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