The Story of Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) - The Promised Son

The Story of Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) - The Promised Son



Introduction and The Promise of a Son


The story of Hazrat Ishaq, also known as Isaac in the Bible, is a tale filled with promises, faith, and obedience to Allah. Born to Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his wife Sarah when they were well past their child-bearing age, Ishaq was not just any ordinary son. He was the promised son whose birth had been foretold by Allah. When we will read this story, we will discover how Ishaq’s life played a vital role in shaping the Islamic and Christian faiths.

The story of Hazrat Ishaq is known, as a tale of faith and promise. As the promised son to Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), his birth was an answer to prayer and a testament to divine intervention. Today we will read about the most revered figure in Islamic history – Hazrat Ishaq, the promised son.


The Birth of Ishaq and Prophethood


According to history, Allah promised Hazrat Ibrahim that he would have a son who would continue his legacy of prophethood. This promise was fulfilled when Sarah, Ibrahim’s wife, gave birth to Ishaq (Isaac).

Prophet Ibrahim raised Ishaq with love and care and taught him about Allah’s teachings. As Ishaq grew older, he too became a prophet like his father. He spread the message of Islam among his people and called them toward righteousness.

Ishaq faced many challenges during his lifetime but remained steadfast in the faith. His unwavering devotion to Allah earned him great respect among his followers.

As a prophet, Ishaq preached monotheism and warned against idol worship. He reminded people of their duties towards one another and stressed the importance of compassion and kindness.

Ishaq lived for 180 years before passing away peacefully. Despite facing hardships throughout his life, he left behind a legacy as an exemplary role model for all Muslims to follow.

The birth of Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) was a testament to the faith and patience of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his wife Sarah. Despite facing numerous challenges, they never lost hope in Allah’s promise of granting them a son who would carry on their legacy.

As Hazrat Ishaq grew up, he became a prophet himself and continued the teachings of his father. He preached monotheism and called people toward the path of righteousness.

Hazrat Ishaq’s life serves as an inspiration for all believers to have unwavering faith in Allah’s promises no matter how difficult the circumstances may seem.

May we all learn from Hazrat Ishaq’s story, follow his guidance, and become closer to our Creator with each passing day.


Faith and Obedience and Role in the Sacrifice


Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) is an Important prophet in Islam. His story highlights the importance of faith and obedience to Allah.

When Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) received a command from Allah to sacrifice his son, he took his beloved son Hazrat Ishaq to Mount Moriah without hesitation. This test demonstrated their unwavering trust in Allah’s plan.

As they climbed up the mountain, Hazrat Ishaq asked his father about what was happening and why they were sacrificing him. His father taught him that it was an order from Allah and that we should remain obedient throughout the process.

Hazrat Ishaq willingly submitted himself for sacrifice, but just as his father raised the knife to fulfill this command, Allah sent down a ram as a replacement for Hazrat Ishaq.

The willingness of both father and son to obey Allah’s will proved their devotion and faithfulness. The incident also exemplifies how important it is to have complete trust in our Creator’s wisdom even during difficult times.

We can learn from Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ishaq’s story that no matter how hard life gets or how challenging tests may seem at first glance, we must always remain steadfast in our faith in our Lord by surrendering ourselves entirely before Him with full submission.

Ishaq’s Legacy and Lesson Learned


Ishaq’s legacy serves as an inspiration for generations to come. He was a devout believer who followed in the footsteps of his father, Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Facing numerous challenges and trials throughout his life, Ishaq remained steadfast in his faith and strong in his commitment to Allah.

When Allah commanded him to submit to His will and sacrifice himself, Ishaq did not hesitate or question this commandment but instead submitted wholeheartedly. This level of trust and submission is a crucial aspect of our relationship with Allah.

Another lesson learned from Ishaq’s story is the power of prayer. It was through Prophet Ibrahim’s prayers that he was blessed with a son despite being old age. Similarly, when faced with adversity, we should turn towards Allah through prayer seeking guidance and strength.

Another key takeaway from Ishaq’s legacy is patience. Throughout his life, he faced many hardships but remained patient knowing that all things happen by Allah’s decree. We too must remain patient during tough times while having complete faith that everything happens for a reason according to God’s plan.

Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) has left behind valuable teachings that still resonate today – obedience to God’s commands without hesitation or questioning; turning towards Him through prayer when faced with difficulties; remaining patient during hard times while fully trusting His divine plan are some among them.



The story of Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) teaches us valuable lessons about faith, obedience,

The story of Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) is a significant part of Islamic history and holds valuable lessons for all Muslims. Ishaq remained faithful to Allah throughout his life, even when faced with difficult challenges and tests. His unwavering faith and obedience serve as inspiration for us today.

Ishaq’s legacy lives on through his descendants, including Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We should strive to emulate his example by remaining steadfast in our faith and always obeying Allah’s commands.

Furthermore, we learn from the story of Hazrat Ishaq that Allah fulfills His promises. Even when it seems impossible or unlikely, we must trust in Him and have patience. In doing so, we will witness the fulfillment of Allah’s promises just like Abraham did with the birth of Isaac.

May we all draw inspiration from the story of Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) – The Promised Son- and work towards a stronger relationship with our Creator.

Despite facing numerous challenges in his life, he remained steadfast in his devotion to Allah SWT and played a vital role in the fulfillment of His divine plan.

Ishaq’s unwavering belief and trust in Allah SWT is an inspiration for all of us to follow. We should strive to emulate his example by putting our complete faith in Allah SWT and remaining obedient to His commands.

Furthermore, we must remember that every trial we face is a test from Allah SWT designed to help us grow stronger spiritually. Just like Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac), if we remain patient, persevere through adversity, and stay true to our beliefs, we too can leave behind a legacy that will inspire future generations.


May Allah SWT guide us all on the path of righteousness and grant us the strength to face any challenge with patience and grace. Ameen!

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