The Story of Hazrat Isa (Jesus): Miracles and Teachings

The Story of Hazrat Isa (Jesus): Miracles and Teachings


The story of Hazrat Isa is one that has captivated millions for centuries. His miraculous birth, prophetic mission, and teachings have left an indelible mark on humanity. From healing the sick to feeding the hungry, Hazrat Isa’s miracles are a testament to his divine nature. However, his message of love and forgiveness also faced opposition and trials from those who failed to understand it.

The Miraculous Birth of Hazrat Isa

In Islamic tradition, the angel Gabriel appeared to Maryam (Mary) and informed her that she would conceive a child through divine intervention.

Hazrat Maryam was shocked and asked how she could conceive a child when she had no husband. The angel answered that Allah has decreed it and this would be a sign for humanity. Despite facing criticism and accusations from her community, Hazrat Maryam remained steadfast in her faith.


When the time came for her to give birth, Hazrat Maryam went into labor alone in a remote location. It was then that Allah provided food and water for her sustenance and comforted her with His presence during this difficult time.


Hazrat Isa was born without any human intervention – another miracle bestowed upon him by Allah’s divine power. This event signifies the limitless power of Allah over creation and affirms the truthfulness of prophethood.


The miraculous birth of Hazrat Isa serves as an inspiration for believers to remain firm in their faith even during challenging times. It highlights the importance of trusting Allah’s plan even when we cannot comprehend it fully.

The Prophetic Mission

The Prophetic Mission of Hazrat Isa (Jesus) began in his early thirties when he received the divine command to spread the message of monotheism and compassion towards all humanity. He would often retreat to secluded places for prayer and meditation, seeking guidance from Allah.


Hazrat Isa taught that there is only one God who loves all people equally, regardless of their social status or ethnicity. He emphasized the importance of loving one another as brothers and sisters in faith, promoting peace instead of violence and hatred.



One significant aspect of his mission was to reform Judaism by correcting misconceptions about religious laws and traditions. He preached a simpler interpretation that focused on inner purity rather than external rituals.


Hazrat Isa’s teachings were revolutionary for his time, challenging the oppressive Roman occupation forces while also calling out corrupt Jewish leaders who had distorted the true meaning of religion for their own gain.


Despite facing opposition from both political and religious authorities, Hazrat Isa remained steadfast in fulfilling his prophetic mission until his last breath.

The Miracles of Hazrat Isa

Hazrat Isa (Jesus) was granted many miracles by Allah, which were a testament to his divine appointment as a prophet. These miracles also served as proof of the truthfulness of his message and strengthened the faith of his followers.


One of Hazrat Isa’s most famous miracles is the healing of the sick and infirm. He cured those who suffered from blindness, leprosy, paralysis, and other illnesses with only a touch or word. This power to heal brought hope and relief to countless people in need.


Another well-known miracle was when Hazrat Isa fed five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Through this act, he demonstrated that Allah has power over all things including food resources.


In addition to physical miracles, Hazrat Isa also performed spiritual wonders such as casting out demons from possessed individuals. His ability not only freed these individuals but reinforced belief in God’s omnipotence over evil spirits.


Moreover, it is said that he breathed life back into clay birds so they could fly away alive – showing how he can create living beings from scratch while being one himself.


These miraculous feats are evidence for Muslims about God’s mercy towards humanity through our prophets’ teachings and actions throughout history.

The Disciples and Followers

Hazrat Isa (Jesus) had a group of followers and disciples who were captivated by his teachings and miracles. These individuals believed in the message that Hazrat Isa preached, which was one of love, forgiveness, and compassion.


As per Islamic beliefs, Hazrat Isa had 12 disciples who accompanied him on his journeys to spread the word of Allah. They were known as “Hawariyyun” in Arabic and are considered to be among the most honorable people in history due to their devotion to spreading the truth.


The disciples witnessed firsthand many of Hazrat Isa’s remarkable miracles, such as healing the sick and feeding thousands with just a few loaves of bread. His followers also saw how he treated everyone with kindness regardless of their background or social status.


Despite facing opposition from some religious leaders during his ministry, Hazrat Isa’s faithful disciples remained steadfast in their belief that he was indeed a messenger sent by Allah. They continued to follow him until his last days on earth.


Today, we can learn valuable lessons from these devoted followers about loyalty and faithfulness toward our beliefs. We should strive to embody their dedication when it comes to following our own principles while treating others with kindness and respect along the way.

The Opposition and Trials

Hazrat Isa’s teachings were not always welcomed by everyone. He faced opposition and trials from those who disagreed with his message of love, forgiveness, and compassion.


Some religious leaders felt threatened by Hazrat Isa’s popularity and saw him as a threat to their authority.


Despite these challenges, Hazrat Isa remained steadfast in his mission.

Their hostility towards him only intensified as he gained more followers and performed miracles that they could not explain.


Hazrat Isa also faced personal trials during his life on Earth. His close friend Judas betrayed him for money, leading to his arrest by Roman authorities.

Through it all, Hazrat Isa never lost faith in God’s plan for him. His strength in the face of adversity serves as an inspiration for believers around the world today.

The Divine Protection and Ascension

After years of spreading his message and performing miracles, Hazrat Isa faced increasing opposition from religious leaders.


But according to Islamic belief, Allah intervened and saved him from this fate. Instead of dying on the cross, Hazrat Isa was raised up into heaven in a process known as the Ascension.


This event is seen as an example of divine protection for those who live in accordance with God’s will.


Some interpretations suggest that Hazrat Isa’s ascension represents the ultimate victory over death itself. By transcending mortality and returning to God’s presence, he achieved a state of eternal life that all believers can aspire to.


The story of Hazrat Isa’s divine protection and ascension highlights the power of faith and trust in Allah even in the face of great adversity.

The Message of Love and Forgiveness

Hazrat Isa’s message of love and forgiveness is one of the most powerful teachings that he left behind.


According to Hazrat Isa, we should treat others with kindness and compassion, no matter what they have done to us. This message challenges us to rise above our own personal biases and prejudices toward others.


Furthermore, Hazrat Isa stressed the importance of forgiving not only those who have wronged us but also ourselves.


The concept of love was central to Hazrat Isa’s teachings as well. He encouraged his followers to practice unconditional love towards all beings, regardless of race or religion. This message still resonates with many people today.


In essence, Hazrat Isa’s message was about spreading peace and harmony throughout the world through acts of kindness and forgiveness.

The Second Coming

The Second Coming is a significant aspect of the story of Hazrat Isa.  It is believed that he will descend from heaven and defeat the Antichrist and his followers.


Many Muslims believe that Hazrat Isa’s second coming will bring peace and justice to the world. He will establish Islam as the true religion and spread love, compassion, and forgiveness among all people.


Some scholars believe that his second coming has already happened in a spiritual sense through various messengers who have come after him, such as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, most still hold on to their belief that he will physically appear at some point in history.

 The idea of a savior returning to bring goodness into our lives gives us hope for a better future.


Unity with Islamic Beliefs and Lessons for Humanity:


Hazrat Isa (Jesus) is a significant figure in both Christianity and Islam. In the Quran, he is referred to as “Isa ibn Maryam” or “Jesus son of Mary.” Muslims believe that Hazrat Isa was a prophet sent by Allah to guide humanity toward righteousness.


Islamic beliefs emphasize unity among all people regardless of their race, religion, or social status.


The teachings of Hazrat Isa also highlight compassion and forgiveness towards others. He was known for his mercy towards sinners and his ability to heal the sick through the power of prayer.


Moreover, Islam emphasizes the importance of charity and giving back to society. Helping those in need can bring one closer to Allah while making a positive impact on others’ lives.


Learning about Hazrat Isa’s life story can inspire us all to strive toward living a more peaceful life filled with love, forgiveness, generosity, and compassion. His message transcends religious boundaries and holds valuable lessons for humanity as a whole.


The story of Hazrat Isa (Jesus) is one that has inspired millions of people for centuries. His miraculous birth, prophetic mission, and teachings have left a lasting impact on humanity. The miracles he performed were undeniable proof of his divine nature and serve as a reminder to us today that nothing is impossible with God.


Hazrat Isa’s message was one of love, forgiveness, and unity. His second coming is eagerly awaited by many as a time when peace and justice will reign on earth.


As Muslims, we believe in Hazrat Isa as a prophet sent by Allah (SWT) to guide humanity toward righteousness. His teachings are in line with Islamic beliefs and provide valuable lessons for all mankind.

 We should strive every day to embody the values that Hazrat Isa stood for: compassion towards others, humility before God, and unwavering faith.


May Allah (SWT) grant us the wisdom to understand Hazrat Isa’s message fully so that we may live our lives according to his examples.



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