The Story of Hazrat Idris (Enoch) - A Righteous Prophet

The Story of Hazrat Idris (Enoch) - A Righteous Prophet



 Hazrat Idris, also known as Enoch, was a righteous Prophet who lived in ancient times. His life and teachings are filled with lessons that are still relevant today. In this blog post, we will delve into the Story of Hazrat Idris (Enoch) – A Righteous Prophet, and explore his early life, prophethood, exemplary character, legacy, and more. Join us on this journey to gain insights into the life of one of Allah’s chosen messengers!


Idris’ Early Life and Devotion


Idris was born to the Prophet Jared, who was a descendant of Adam. His life was marked by exceptional devotion and piety from an early age. He spent his youth in prayer, meditation, and reflection on the nature of God’s creation.

Idris developed a deep understanding of the mysteries of the universe and became known for his wisdom. He traveled extensively, seeking knowledge and insight into Allah’s divine plan.

Despite facing challenges and obstacles along the way, Idris remained steadfast in his faith. His devotion to Allah never wavered even when others around him strayed from the path of righteousness.

Through his early years, Idris set an example for believers everywhere with his unwavering commitment to serving Allah. Despite being born at a time long before many religious texts were written down or widely available, Idris’ story has been passed down through generations as a symbol of dedication and faithfulness to Islam’s tenets.


Idris’ Prophethood and Mission

 He received prophethood after Adam and Noah and lived for over 900 years, spreading the message of monotheism.

His mission as a prophet was to invite his people towards Tawheed, which means to believe in one God and worship Him alone. Idris taught them about the Oneness of God and urged them to abandon their polytheistic beliefs. He preached that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, who is the Lord of everything.

Idris faced great challenges during his prophethood since many people refused to accept his message. His followers were few in number, but he remained steadfast in his mission despite all obstacles. He never gave up on calling people towards righteousness even though most of them rejected him.

As a result of Idris’ efforts, some individuals did embrace Islam and followed the teachings he imparted to them with sincerity. They recognized that true success could only be achieved through submission to Allah’s will.

Idris’ prophethood was characterized by an unwavering dedication to spreading knowledge about Tawheed and inspiring others towards piety regardless of personal consequences or opposition from society at large.


Idris’ Call for Repentance and Tawheed


Idris’ mission as a prophet was to call people towards the path of righteousness and remind them of their obligations towards Allah. He emphasized repentance and Tawheed, which means the belief in one God. Idris preached that there is no god but Allah, and all human beings must worship Him alone.

Through his teachings, Idris made it clear that associating partners with Allah is something unforgivable in Islam. He called upon people to repent for their sins and seek forgiveness from Allah by turning back to Him with sincerity and humility.

Idris urged his followers to lead an honest life, treat others kindly, give charity generously, honor their parents, be just in dealings with others, and avoid lying or dishonesty at all costs. He taught them how to pray five times daily while standing before Allah in submission.

Spreading this message of Tawheed and repentance far and wide among his people during his lifetime as a prophet on earth has left us an example for our actions today. We too can follow these teachings by striving towards self-improvement every day while keeping faith solely focused on the One true God – Allah.

In essence, Prophet Idris’ call for repentance highlights not only our shortcomings but also serves as a reminder of how we should live our lives according to His guidance so that we may earn His mercy both here on Earth as well as in the Hereafter.


Idris’ Exemplary Character and Actions


Hazrat Idris was known for his exemplary character and actions during his lifetime. He was a man of strong faith, unwavering dedication to Allah, and remarkable piety that inspired others to follow in his footsteps.

Idris lived at a time when the world had become corrupt and people were indulging in immoral activities. Despite this, he maintained his integrity by adhering to the principles of righteousness and staying true to his beliefs.

He was also known for being patient, humble, and compassionate towards all living beings. His kindness extended even towards animals as he refused to mount any animal out of fear that it may be hurt or experience discomfort.

Moreover, Hazrat Idris was always willing to help those around him regardless of their social status or religion. He would lend an ear to anyone who sought advice or guidance from him while also providing material assistance where needed.

In addition, Prophet Idris led an ascetic life devoted entirely to worshiping Allah swt. He spent most of his days fasting and praying while seeking knowledge about the ways of Allah through meditation on nature’s wonders.

Prophet Idris serves as an inspiration for Muslims worldwide due to his outstanding character traits such as humility, and compassion toward all creatures including animals coupled with unwavering devotion toward God amidst challenging times encouraging us all never give up hope but to keep our faith alive no matter what happens in life


Idris’ Ascension and Preservation


After preaching to his people for many years, Idris was taken by Allah and ascended into the heavens. This miraculous event is known as the “Ascension of Idris”. It is said that he did not experience death but was instead lifted up to be with Allah.

Idris’ ascension is a testament to his righteousness and devotion. His unwavering faith in Allah and dedication to spreading His message earned him the privilege of being among those chosen by Allah.

Furthermore, Idris’ preservation after his ascension serves as a reminder of his importance in Islam. Although he lived thousands of years ago, Muslims still honor him today for his teachings and exemplary character.

In fact, some Islamic scholars believe that Idris may have been one of the prophets who taught Prophet Abraham about monotheism. This shows just how significant Idris’ role was in shaping Islamic beliefs and practices.

Idris’ Ascension and Preservation highlight the importance of faith, devotion, and righteous actions. Through them, we can strive towards earning our place with Allah just like this noble prophet did so long ago.


Idris’ Legacy and Influence


Idris’ legacy and influence continue to live on in the hearts of believers today. His unwavering devotion to Allah, his call for repentance and tawheed, and his exemplary character have all served as a source of inspiration for generations.

As one of the earliest prophets sent by Allah, Idris set an example of righteous living that continues to resonate with Muslims worldwide. His teachings emphasize the importance of upholding moral values, treating others with kindness and compassion, and seeking knowledge as a means to draw closer to Allah.

Through his words and actions, Idris demonstrated that true success lies not in material possessions or worldly power but in one’s relationship with Allah. He encouraged people to reject idolatry and embrace monotheism wholeheartedly.

Moreover, Idris left behind a rich legacy of wisdom that has been recorded in Islamic literature such as hadiths (sayings) attributed to him. These valuable teachings provide guidance for believers facing challenges in their daily lives.

Prophet Idris’ impact is both timeless and enduring. Through his noble example and steadfast commitment to Islam’s core principles, he remains an inspiration for believers striving toward righteousness today.


Lessons Learned


The story of Hazrat Idris (Enoch) is full of valuable lessons that we can apply to our daily lives. One of the most significant lessons we can learn from Prophet Idris is the importance of devotion and sincerity in our worship.

Idris’ unwavering commitment to Allah, even during difficult times, shows us that true faith requires patience and perseverance. We should strive to emulate his dedication by consistently performing our obligations as Muslims without losing heart or becoming despondent.

Another lesson we can take away from Idris’ life is the significance of upholding Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah). As a prophet, he preached this fundamental concept to his people relentlessly, urging them to abandon polytheism and embrace monotheism instead.

In addition, Prophet Idris exemplified exemplary character traits such as honesty, humility, and compassion. These virtues serve as an inspiration for us all in striving towards personal growth and improvement.

Another key lesson from Hazrat Idris’ story is the importance of preserving one’s legacy through virtuous deeds. The Quran mentions how God raised him up high because he was always doing good work throughout his life. By leaving a positive impact on those around us with acts of kindness and charity work or spreading knowledge about Islam – we too can hope for such elevation after death.




The story of Hazrat Idris (Enoch) teaches us many valuable lessons. It shows us the importance of devotion to Allah, maintaining a righteous character and actions, calling for repentance and Tawheed, and persevering through difficult times.

Through his prophethood and mission to guide people toward righteousness, Prophet Idris became an exemplary figure for all Muslims to follow. His ascension into heaven is also a testament to the rewards that await those who strive in their faith.

May we all take inspiration from Hazrat Idris’ story and strive towards becoming better Muslims by following his example.



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