The Hospitality of the Ansari and the Praise from Allah

The Hospitality of the Ansari and the Praise from Allah



One such example is the story of the Ansari and their extraordinary act of kindness that earned them Allah’s admiration and praise. Despite their limited means, they welcomed and sacrificed for their guests with open hearts. So sit back as we take you on a journey through this remarkable account – The Hospitality of the Ansari and the Praise from Allah!

The act of welcoming and accommodating others with warmth and kindness can create a lasting impression on both the giver and the receiver.  In this blog post, we will explore the exemplary hospitality shown by the Ansari tribe during Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Medina, and how their actions were praised by Allah himself.


The Ansari’s Limited Means


The Ansari were a group of Muslim residents in Medina who opened their homes and hearts to the Prophet Muhammad and his followers when they migrated from Mecca. Despite their limited means, the Ansari welcomed the newcomers with open arms.

One remarkable aspect of their hospitality was that they gave half of everything they had to support their new guests. This included half of all food, resources, money, and even their own living spaces.

Despite having less than others around them, the Ansari never hesitated to share what little they had with those who needed it most. Their genuine kindness towards strangers proved to be one of Islam’s key foundations – empathy for fellow believers regardless of social class or background.


The Ingenious Plan


The Ansari’s Limited Means may have been a hindrance for him to host the Prophet and his companions but this did not stop him from showing hospitality.

He approached his wife and together they decided to give up their bed for the guests. They then gathered whatever food they had in their home which was barely enough for one person let alone fourteen!

But the Ansari couple were determined to show kindness and generosity to these strangers who were also Muslims like them.

They then served what little food they had first before serving the borrowed ones so as not to appear stingy or ungrateful towards Allah’s blessings upon them.

The hospitality of the Ansari and their praise from Allah is a beautiful example for us to follow. Their limited means did not hinder them from offering their best to their guests, and they were rewarded with blessings beyond measure.

The ingenious plan that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) proposed was a testament to his wisdom and leadership skills. He recognized the generosity of the Ansari and saw an opportunity to unite his followers in brotherhood.

May we all receive Allah’s blessings through our acts of hospitality!

It was indeed an ingenious plan that allowed them to fulfill their duty of hospitality despite having limited resources.


An Evening of Sacrifice


The evening of sacrifice was a true display of selflessness and generosity from the Ansari.

Even though they had limited means, the Ansari sacrificed their comfort for the sake of their guests. They served delicious food despite having very little themselves.

 The Ansari always put others before themselves and found joy in serving others.

 We should strive to emulate the spirit of sacrifice shown by the Ansari in our own lives, whether it be through small acts or larger ones.

The evening spent with the Ansari was a true testament to their hospitality and selflessness. Despite having limited means, they went above and beyond to make their guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

Their ingenious plan of sacrificing their food for their guests was both humbling and inspiring.

As Muslims, we should strive to emulate the hospitality of the Ansari in our daily lives. By doing so, we not only please Allah but also earn His praise.

May Allah bless the Ansari for their selflessness and may He grant us all the ability to be hospitable towards others. Ameen.

This beautiful display of hospitality truly deserves Allah’s admiration and praise – may we all learn from their example!


Allah’s Admiration and Praise


The hospitality of the Ansari did not go unnoticed by Allah, who admires and praises those who show kindness to their fellow human beings. The Prophet Muhammad himself said, “He who shows no mercy shall not receive mercy.” Thus, the actions of the Ansari were highly regarded in Islam.

Allah praised the Ansari for their generosity and selflessness, which are both virtues that are highly valued in Islamic culture. It is believed that when one helps another person without expecting anything in return, it pleases Allah greatly.

In addition to this, Allah also recognizes those who give with a pure heart. The Ansari’s act of kindness was genuine and came from a place of sincerity rather than seeking any form of reward or recognition.

It is important to note that acts of charity should be done solely for the sake of pleasing Allah rather than gaining social status or recognition. This is because intentions play a crucial role in determining whether an action is rewarded by Allah or not.

The story of the hospitality of the Ansari is one that truly touches the heart. Their limited means did not stop them from showing utmost kindness and generosity to their guests, exemplifying true Islamic values. The ingenious plan they came up with demonstrated their creativity, resourcefulness, and willingness to sacrifice for others.

Most importantly, Allah himself admired and praised their actions in the Quran. He recognized their efforts toward helping his beloved Prophet (PBUH) as a sign of true faith.

We must remember that Islam is not just about performing ritual acts but also extends to our daily interactions with people around us. As stated in Hadith Qudsi: “I was hungry and you did not feed me.” Indeed Allah loves those who show hospitality to travelers; therefore let us strive to be like the Ansari by being hospitable whenever possible so that we may earn His love and admiration too.

Through this story, we can see how important it is to show hospitality towards others and how much admiration it receives from Allah.


Lessons Learned


When we look at the story of the hospitality of the Ansari and Allah’s praise for their actions, there are several lessons that we can learn. The Ansari gave everything they had to help those in need without expecting anything in return.

 The ingenious plan that the Ansari came up with demonstrates their resourcefulness and creativity despite having little to work with.

The sacrifice made by both the Muhajirun and Ansar highlights how cooperation between different groups can lead to great things being achieved.

This story also emphasizes how important it is for our actions to be pleasing to Allah rather than seeking human recognition or praise. By doing good deeds solely for His sake, we may earn His admiration just like how He praised the hospitality shown by the Ansar towards their guests.

This heartwarming tale teaches us valuable lessons on selflessness, resourcefulness, and community spirit as well as aiming for divine approval over human recognition.




The actions of Ansari serve as an inspiration for us to be more compassionate towards our fellow human beings and to always strive towards being generous hosts.

The hospitality of the Ansari and the praise from Allah is a remarkable story that teaches us essential lessons about generosity, sacrifice, and faith. It shows us that we should always be ready to welcome guests with open hearts and provide them with whatever little we have as it can make a significant difference in their lives.

Moreover, this story also reminds us that our selfless acts never go unnoticed by Allah. He is aware of all our efforts, big or small, and rewards them accordingly. We must strive to earn His pleasure through

our deeds by following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and emulating his character traits.

In short, let’s take inspiration from this beautiful story of Ansari’s hospitality and work towards becoming more compassionate individuals who are always willing to go above and beyond for others. May Allah guide us on this path of righteousness!

May we all have the opportunity to show such incredible hospitality towards others as the Ansari did, so that one day Allah may praise our efforts too.



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