Story of Hazrat Yunus - Faith and Patience

Story of Hazrat Yunus - Faith and Patience

Have you ever heard the incredible story of Hazrat Yunus and the whale? It’s a tale that has been revised through thousands of years as one of the most fascinating Islamic tales. The story teaches us about patience, faith, and repentance.


Hazrat Yunus


Hazrat Yunus is a prophet in Islamic history and his story has been recounted for centuries. He was a prophet of  Allah sent to guide the people of Nineveh toward the path of virtue. At first, the people did not listen to him but later on, they repented and followed his teachings.

 Hazrat Yunus was known for his patience and devotion to Allah. It was then that he decided to leave Nineveh without Allah’s permission.

 As soon as Hazrat Yunus boarded a ship headed away from Nineveh, it encountered rough seas and storms began raging around them. The sailors realized that someone onboard had angered their gods so they cast lots which fell upon Hazrat Yunus.

 Feeling guilty about leaving without Allah’s permission, Hazrat Yunus asked the sailors to throw him off the ship into the sea so that this storm would subside.


Story of Whale


Story of Whale and The story of Hazrat Yunus is one of the most well-known stories in Islamic history. It starts with Hazrat Yunus being sent to a city to deliver Allah’s message, but unfortunately, he was not able to convince them to turn away from their wicked ways.

 Feeling disappointed and frustrated, Hazrat Yunus left the city without Allah’s permission and boarded a ship. However, soon after setting sail, the ship encountered rough waters which led everyone on board to realize that something terrible would happen if they didn’t lighten up the load.

 It was then that Hazrat Yunus realized his mistake; he knew that this was all happening because he had disobeyed Allah’s command. He threw himself into the deep water knowing full well what would happen next.

 As soon as he hit the water, a giant whale swallowed him whole! In its stomach for three days and nights – an experience so unimaginable yet miraculous – where time seemed suspended within darkness!

 In this incredible struggle against nature itself while inside an animal’s belly, it seemed like only His prayers could save him as there were no other options available at such dire moments!

 This story teaches us about obedience and trust in Allah. Even when things seem impossible or difficult we should always remember that our faith will guide us through every storm!


In the stomach of Whale


When Hazrat Yunus was thrown into the sea, he found himself in the stomach of a whale.

 Inside the stomach of the whale, it was humid. The air was stale and putrid, making it difficult for Hazrat Yunus to breathe. He had no food or nor means to communicate with anyone outside.

 Despite these dire circumstances, Hazrat Yunus remained steadfast in his faith. He continued to pray and seek forgiveness from Allah for his mistake.

 Days turned into weeks inside the whale’s stomach, but finally one day, after much prayer and supplication from Hazrat Yunus, Allah listened to him and commanded the whale to release him back onto land.

 The story of Hazrat Yunus teaches us about patience in adversity. We must never lose hope or faith even when we find ourselves in impossible situations because Allah is always watching over us.


Why he threw himself into the deep water


According to the story of Hazrat Yunus, he threw himself into the deep water because he had lost hope in his people. Despite being a prophet and preaching to them for years, they refused to listen and continued with their sinful ways. Feeling dejected and hopeless, Hazrat Yunus decided to leave his city rather than continue preaching.

 He boarded a ship heading out of town but was soon caught in a storm that threatened to sink the vessel. The crew drew lots and decided that one person must be thrown overboard as a sacrifice to appease God. Unfortunately, Hazrat Yunus drew the short straw and was thrown into the sea.

 As he sank deeper into the water, Hazrat Yunus realized that he had made a mistake by losing faith in Allah’s mercy towards his people. He immediately regretted leaving his city without completing his mission of guiding them towards righteousness.

 It is said that at this moment, Allah sent a whale which swallowed him whole but did not harm him physically. In the belly of the whale, Hazrat Yunus repented for losing faith in Allah’s power and prayed fervently for forgiveness.

 Despite being trapped inside its stomach for three days and nights, Hazrat Yunus never lost hope or gave up on His Creator’s mercy. It was only after he humbled himself before Allah with sincere repentance that Allah commanded the whale to release him safely back onto land.

 The story teaches us about never giving up on our mission even when faced with difficulties or setbacks along our journey. We should always place our trust in Allah’s divine plan instead of relying solely on our own limited abilities or judgment when faced with adversity


His pray to Allah


After being swallowed by the whale, Hazrat Yunus realized that he had made a mistake in abandoning his people before Allah’s command. He quickly repented and turned to Allah, seeking His forgiveness and mercy.

 In the darkness of the whale’s stomach, Hazrat Yunus found solace in making dua (supplication) to Allah. He cried out for help and forgiveness, acknowledging his mistake and asking for guidance on how to rectify it.

 Despite being trapped inside the belly of the whale, Hazrat Yunus never lost hope or faith in Allah’s power to save him from this predicament. He trusted that if he sincerely asked for forgiveness and showed remorse for his actions, then Allah would come to his aid.

 It was through this unwavering trust and reliance on Allah that Hazrat Yunus was eventually saved from certain death. His prayer touched the heart of Almighty God who responded by commanding the sea creature to release him unharmed onto dry land.

 Thus we learn an important lesson; no matter how dire our circumstances may seem or whatever mistakes we have made, it is never too late to turn back towards God with sincere repentance. For truly there is nothing beyond His power!




After exploring the story of Hazrat Yunus and his miraculous survival in the belly of a whale, one can’t help but be struck by the power of faith and prayer. The tale is not just an Islamic story, but it holds universal significance that transcends religion.

 The story shows us that no matter how dire our situation may seem, we should never lose hope or give up on ourselves. We must always keep faith in Allah’s mercy and constantly pray for guidance and deliverance from hardship.

 Moreover, this story also teaches us about accountability. Hazrat Yunus was sent back to preach to his people after being saved by Allah’s grace. Thus, it highlights the importance of fulfilling our responsibilities towards society even if we have faced personal trials.

 The Story of Hazrat Yunus reminds us that life is full of challenges and struggles. However, with unwavering faith in Allah’s mercy and constant prayers for guidance, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

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