Story of Hazrat Maryam according to Surah Al Imran

Hazrat Bibi Maryam is an important person in Islamic figure and is known as one of the most pious women in history. Her story is detailed described and featured in the Quran, the holy book of Muslims, and she had a special place as the mother of Hazrat Isa (Jesus), who is known as a prophet in Islam.

According to Islamic tradition, Maryam was born in Jerusalem in the first century. She belongs to a noble and pious family and was known for her love of Allah (God). Her mother, Hannah, made a vow to dedicate her child to the service of Allah even before Maryam was born.

As Maryam became older, she spent much of her time, worshiping and seeking spiritual knowledge in the mosque. It is described that she was chosen by Allah to get a special blessing and was informed by the angel Jibril (Gabriel). Gabriel told to her that she would become the mother of a son who would be a great prophet.

Maryam was very surprised and become confused by this news because she had never been married to any man and was a pious and virtuous woman. However, Jibril assured her that Allah had chosen her and that the child would be a miraculous child, conceived without the human father. This event is known as the announcement.

Maryam became pregnant, and as her pregnancy progressed, she faced societal judgment and criticism. However, she remained steadfast in her faith and pray to ALLAH for peace. She eventually gave birth to Hazrat Isa in Bethlehem, and in Islamic tradition, she miraculously received food during her labor from a palm tree that provided dates and a nearby stream of water.

After the birth of Hazrat Isa, Maryam returned to her people, carrying her newborn child. The people were surprised and questioned her about the child’s identity. In response, Maryam pointed to her infant, and Hazrat Isa, even as a baby, spoke in defense of his mother and announced that he was indeed a servant of Allah and a prophet.
Hazrat Isa (Jesus), revered in Islam as a prophet, had a remarkable childhood with his beloved mother, Maryam (Mary). As a young child, Isa was imbued with wisdom and righteousness beyond his years. Mary, a pious and devout woman, nurtured him with love and care. Mary taught Isa about the oneness of Allah and instilled in him a deep faith. Together, they found solace in prayer and spent time in contemplation. Isa’s extraordinary character blossomed under his mother’s guidance, paving the way for his eventual mission as a prophet and messenger of Allah.


Faith and Faces Problems

Maryam’s love for Allah and her role as the mother of Hazrat Isa make her immense respect among the people. She faced many problems and challenges, but her strong faith and piety guided her through difficult times.
The story of Bibi Maryam carries many lessons and teachings in Islamic traditions. Here are some key points that we can learn from her story which give us strength to be steadfast in the will of ALLAH.


Faith and Trust in Allah: Bibi Maryam’s strong faith and trust in Allah is an important part of her story. During the extraordinary situation of her pregnancy, she remained steadfast and believed in Allah’s will. Her story teaches the importance of having trust in Allah’s plan, even when faced with challenges or critical situations that seem difficult to understand.


Devotion and Righteousness: Bibi Maryam is revered for her pious character, purity, and love for Allah. Her dedication to worship and seeking spiritual knowledge, as well as her moral conduct, serve as an inspiration for Muslims to strive for righteousness and spend a life of piety.


Perseverance and Patience: Bibi Maryam faced societal judgment and criticism due to her unexpected pregnancy. However, she persists constantly in her faith. Her story encourages Muslims to remain patient and steadfast in the face of adversity, trusting that Allah’s will unfold in time.


The Power of Miracles: The miraculous birth of Hazrat Isa through Bibi Maryam serves as a reminder that Allah has the power to manifest miracles and that nothing is impossible for Him.


The Honor of Motherhood: Bibi Maryam’s role as the mother of Hazrat Isa holds great honor in Islamic tradition. Her story shows the importance of motherhood and the significant impression a virtuous and loving mother can have on her child’s growth.


Submission to Allah’s Decree: Her story teaches believers to place their trust in Allah’s wisdom and to accept His guidance with humility and obedience.


Hazrat Bibi Maryam teaches important lessons about faith, devotion, and the power of Allah’s miracles. She considers an example of virtue and is held in high regard by Muslims around the world. Her story is a source of inspiration and serves as a reminder of the strength that comes from one’s strong trust in Allah.
The story of Bibi Maryam serves as an inspiration for Muslims to embody qualities such as faith, love, patience, and submission to Allah. Her story emphasizes the belief in Allah’s power, mercy, and the rewards of speaning a righteous life.