Story of Habil and Qabil from the Quran

Story of Habil and Qabil from the Quran

As Muslims, we believe that the Quran is a celestial book holding direction for all mankind. It shows us the creation of Adam and Eve, their successors, and their struggles with evil and good. One such story is that of Habil and Qabil, the sons of Hazrat Adam. This tale has been revised through centuries as an example of how envy can lead to disastrous consequences. Join us as we delve into this gripping story from Islamic history and uncover its hidden lessons for today’s world!


Sons of Hazrat Adam

 Allah created Adam and Eve as his first human beings. They had many children, but their two most famous sons were Habil (Abel) and Qabil (Cain). As time passed, both brothers grew up and became adults with different personalities.

Habil was a righteous man who believed in Almighty Allah’s oneness. He was kind-hearted, generous and always respected his parents’ wishes. On the other hand, Qabil was arrogant, jealous of his brother’s righteousness, and disobedient towards Allah.

While Habil spent most of his time worshipping God and seeking knowledge from Adam about Islam, Qabil spent more time working on agriculture.


However, despite these differences between them that are so common among siblings even today; no one could have predicted what happened next…


Story of Habil and Qabil


Qabil and Habil’s story is one of the famous stories in the Quran. It tells the tale of two brothers, sons of Hazrat Adam, who became involved in a tragic dispute that led to murder.

Habil was a righteous and pious man who offered his best livestock as a sacrifice to Allah. but the other hand, Qabil, was jealous of his brother’s offering and decided to kill him out of envy.

After committing the heinous act, Qabil did not know what to do with his brother’s body until he saw two crows fighting each other. One killed the other and then buried it in the ground. This gave Qabil the idea to bury his brother’s body instead of leaving it unburied.

This heartbreaking story teaches us several lessons about jealousy and anger towards others’ success or righteousness can lead us down dark paths. Furthermore, this demonstrates how forgiveness is an essential element for those seeking mercy from Allah during times when they have committed grave sins against their own family members or others close to them.


why did Qabil murder the Habil?


In the Quran, the story of Habil and Qabil is a well-known one. Hazrat Adam had two sons, Habil and Qabil. Both were asked to offer a sacrifice to Allah, but only Habil’s offering was accepted. This made Qabil jealous and angry toward his brother.

Qabil’s anger turned into envy, which eventually led him to commit the heinous act of murdering his own brother. The reason behind this brutal act was not just jealousy but also arrogance in thinking that he deserved Allah’s acceptance more than his brother did.

Hence, we can infer from this story that envy can lead people down dark paths if they are unable to control their emotions positively. It is necessary for us as Muslims to learn from this story and always strive towards being content with what we have rather than feeling envious or jealous of others’ achievements or blessings bestowed upon them by Allah Almighty.

The story of Habil and Qabil from the Quran is a powerful lesson on the destructive consequences of jealousy and envy. It teaches us about the importance of peaceful resolution and forgiveness over violence and anger.

The story showcases how even siblings can be driven to commit heinous acts against each other if they allow negative emotions to fester.

It’s necessary that we take this strong message from the holy book into our daily lives not just as Muslims but also as human beings living in the community. We should teach others to rise above our egos, accept our love for one another, and treat others with respect instead of any differences we may have. Let us try towards creating a world where conflicts are resolved peacefully through dialogue and mutual understanding rather than resorting to violence or hatred.

what happen to Qabil after the murder of Habil or from where did he get the idea to bury him

After Qabil committed the heinous crime of murdering his brother Habil, he was overcome by guilt and remorse. He did not know what to do with the body of his brother, so Allah sent two crows who fought each other until one killed the other. The victorious crow then buried its defeated opponent in a shallow grave using its beak and claws.

Qabil watched this scene unfold before him and realized that burying his brother’s body was the right thing to do. So, following the example set by the crow, he dug a hole in the ground and buried Habil’s body.

However, after burying Habil’s body, Qabil was plagued by nightmares and could not find peace within himself. He wandered alone for years until Allah finally forgave him for his crime.

The story of Habil and Qabil teaches us about jealousy, envy, anger, forgiveness, and redemption. It tells us that our acts have consequences both in this life as well as in the hereafter. And it also demonstrates how even when we make mistakes or commit sins; if we repent sincerely to Allah then we can find forgiveness just like Qabil did after committing such a terrible act against his own brother.


Lesson from the Story

From the story of Habil and Qabil, we learn a crucial lesson about jealousy and envy. These negative emotions can drive an individual to commit heinous crimes like murder. It is essential to keep them in check and seek help to overcome them before they consume us.

Moreover, this story emphasizes the importance of seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty for our sins. Hazrat Qabil was given a chance to repent after committing such an unforgivable act, but he chose not to avail himself of it.

We must understand that all human beings are equal in the eyes of Allah instead of their ethnicity or race. We should always strive towards peace and harmony among one another instead of succumbing to hate and violence.


Islamic stories like the tale of Habil and Qabil hold great value as they teach us vital lessons about life that we can apply today even after thousands of years have passed since these events occurred. May Allah guide us on the right path always!

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