Story of Angels Haroot and Maroot

Story of Angels Haroot and Maroot



Angels have always been a fascinating topic in Islamic knowledge. Their existence and role in the universe have intrigued humans for centuries. The story of Haroot and Maroot is one such tale that sheds light on human nature, their weaknesses, and how easily they fall into temptation. This Quranic account of two angels who were sent to Earth to test humanity has a lot to teach us about faith, morality, and our own limitations as mortals. So let’s dive deep into this captivating story of Angels Haroot and Maroot that holds timeless lessons for all of us!


What Allah Almighty said about Human Nature


Allah Almighty created human beings with a unique nature that sets them apart from all other creations. Quran tells us that, humans are created in the best shape and free will to think and do what they want, and are given intelligence. They were also created with the power to choose between wrong and right.

 However, this freedom also means that they can easily succumb to the temptations of this world, leading them astray from their intended path. Human nature is inherently flawed and prone to error.

 Allah warned us about the sins so we may be aware of them and try to avoid them. He has said that greed, envy, arrogance, and negligence are among the most dangerous traits that can lead one away from righteousness.

 Despite these faults, Allah loves humans and continues to guide us toward what is good for us through His divine revelations such as the Quran.


Who demands Angels?


One interesting aspect of the story of Haroot and Maroot is that it sheds light on who actually demanded the presence of angels on Earth. According to Islamic teachings, it was not humans who made this request but rather a group of powerful jinn.

 The Quran states that Allah created both humans and Jinn and just like humans, they can choose to follow Him or disobey Him. In this case, a group of rebellious jinn sought knowledge from the angels in order to gain power over others.

 Like just as not all humans are perfect as well as note that not all jinn are evil or disobedient. However, these particular beings were tempted by their desire for control and thus sought out divine secrets from the angels.

 This raises an interesting question about our own desires and motivations in seeking knowledge and power. Are we pursuing these things for noble reasons or simply because we want to dominate others? The story of Haroot and Maroot serves as a cautionary tale about what can happen when we let our egos guide us instead of listening to wisdom from above.


Who was Haroot and Maroot


Haroot and Maroot were two angels who were sent to Earth by Allah Almighty. According to the Islamic scriptures, they were tasked with testing humans through magic and temptations. They were given the knowledge of magic so that they could differentiate between good and evil deeds.

 Haroot and Maroot are mentioned in Surah Al-Baqarah of the Quran, where it is stated that they taught people about magic but also warned them against its dangers. It is believed that their story points up as a reminder to Muslims that there are forces out there attempting to lead us astray from our faith.

 The exact nature of Haroot and Maroot’s mission on Earth remains unclear, but many believe that it was intended to serve as a test of humanity’s morality. Some scholars suggest that their role was simply one of observation, while others argue that they played an active part in guiding humankind toward righteousness.

 Regardless of their true purpose, the tale of Haroot and Maroot offers valuable lessons about obedience, temptation, and humility. It reminds us all how important it is to remain steadfast in our beliefs even when facing adversity or challenges presented by those who seek to mislead us from our righteous path.


What happens to them


Haroot and Maroot were two angels who were sent to earth by Allah Almighty. They were tasked with testing the faith of humans by offering them the knowledge that was forbidden.

 The two angels began teaching people magic, which caused chaos and destruction among the population. As a result, Allah punished Haroot and Maroot by hanging them upside down in a well until Judgment Day.

 This story tells us that we should be careful with our actions and not give desires that may lead us astray from the right path or into temptations. We should always try to obey the teachings of Islam as they are meant for our own benefit.

 Moreover, this story also shows how powerful knowledge can be if used inappropriately. It is necessary to remember that seeking knowledge should only be done for virtuous purposes and never for the damage others.

 Haroot and Maroot’s fate serves as a reminder to all Muslims of how important it is to remain steadfast in faith and seek knowledge for good intentions only.


Lesson from the story


The story of Haroot and Maroot teaches us many valuable lessons. It also tells us that Allah is the ultimate source of power and knowledge, and we should always seek His guidance before taking any decisions in our lives. The tale also emphasizes the importance of understanding human nature and recognizing our weaknesses so that we can strive to overcome them.

 Furthermore, this story highlights how easily people can be led astray by their desires or lack of faith. It is a warning sign against overconfidence and arrogance in one’s abilities, as well as a reminder to stay humble and grounded at all times.

 Let us not forget that angels are noble creatures created by Allah Almighty for specific purposes. They are neither infallible nor superior to humans but rather servants of Allah who carry out His will faithfully without question or hesitation.

 May this story inspire us to seek knowledge with humility, live according to Allah’s commands with sincerity, and recognize our limitations as human beings while striving towards excellence in everything we do!

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